Pray for us on a regular basis and encourage those close to you and in your church and/or small group to do likewise. We covet your prayers as we work day-to-day to provide care and a loving environment for children who have been rescued from a life of hopelessness and danger.

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Promote and share our website and Facebook Page with your family, friends and associates to help us get the word out about Promise Home’s ministries.

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Participate with your church or small group on a mission trip to Promise Home’s Campus in El Portillo Honduras. Assistance is needed in several areas including upcoming construction projects and community outreach ministry events. If you are interested in planning a mission trip or would like more information please take a look at our Mission Trip Page.

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Provide for the needs of our children in Resident Care and children in our Pre-School & After School Programs. Most of the long-term funding for the ongoing funding for our Resident Care Program at Promise Home will come from profits generated by our Tilapia farm and other self-sustaining ministry funding operations. We need your help today to fund these Programs!

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Will you join us as a Promise Home Partner?

We sincerely appreciate you visiting our website and the interest you have in the ministries of Promise Home!

Ministry is a partnership that starts with a vision from the Lord and with His help, along with vision focused action, the ministry becomes reality. God gave our Founder Bill Hayden a vision for the ministry of Promise Home about ten years ago while he was on a medical mission trip in Nicaragua.

The vision became a passion and the passion became a reality as many individuals and churches joined Bill in developing the infrastructure for what Promise Home is today.

As we fully engage our Resident Care, Pre-school & After School Ministries we invite you to partner with us. Will you join us in ministering to the children of Promise Home?


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Join us as a Promise Home Partner today!